Why this is the class for you.

There are a LOT of classes to choose from, and you deserve the best.

What you get here is the real deal.  Enough structure to show you exactly how to craft an idea to perfection, but enough insight and flexibility to allow you to become the unique talent you are.  You’ll be in a solidly safe environment, but you’ll hear the truth, so that when you hit the stage, you’ll be more than ready.

We’ve taught over a thousand funny people, and at all those years of shows at the Improv, we hear from the managers that we’ve consistently got the best students they’ve ever seen.  We pride ourselves on making every student a star.

You’ll save yourself so much time by avoiding the open mic trap and learning the right way the first time.  We get plenty of students who’ve studied with other teachers, and they’re glad they’ve found us.  In fact, Cary had one of the well known teachers in his class in 2005. Why not learn from the source?

Stand-Up is something most people have never tried, and taking that risk can make you stronger than you’ve ever been.  It’s best to have a guide and protector on that trip, who can explain not just the jokes, but the butterflies in your stomach.  You’ll learn to conquer fear, to be flexible no matter what happens, and to find strength in the moment.

No other class will teach you so much that will
change your life onstage and off.