Why this is the teacher.

Cary Odes has been a standup for over 35 years.  He’s still hitting the stages, and taking the same risks you do.

He’s taught over 1000 students for over a dozen years. He is dedicated to finding the unique comic spark in each student and making sure they get the experience of a lifetime.  You’ll never believe this quirky fact…

He trained at Chicago’s Second City with improv legend Del Close. He was the first comic in the history of the Comedy Store to be made a paid regular by MitziShore after his first time onstage there.

He’s appeared on over a dozen television shows, and travelled the country and beyond at clubs, colleges, and special events.  He draws from that experience in every class he teaches.

Cary cares about his students, and makes sure each is getting what they need.  Taking risks makes students vulnerable, and Cary has a real gift as a mentor and guide.  Over the years, but he’s performed and taught with noted writers, poets, ecologists, and physicists; so he brings a wide breadth of knowledge and experience you won’t find anywhere else.  He’s trained in highly effective techniques that help students reduce their experience of fear and negative thoughts and power them forward towards their goals.

Most importantly, Cary has an ability to hear not only what a student is saying, but what they really meant to say. He’s able to show them the clear path from their original thought to the hysterical revelation waiting just beneath the surface.

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