Not in LA?
Not at problem.
Many people have studied with Cary from all over the country, and then flown out to Los Angeles for the showcase at the Improv.

You’ll work one on one via Skype for 5 one hour sessions where you’ll learn everything you’ll need to write and perform your killer set.
You’ll have 5 email reviews of assignments Then, you’ll come to Los Angeles for another hour with Cary in person. Then attend the final class on Saturday and a showcase at the Improv on Sunday.

You don’t have to quit your job and move to Los Angeles to achieve your dream of doing stand-up. You just need the right start.

The package includes 6 Skype sessions with Cary and a class the Saturday before the showcase. Then the showcase at the Improv and a video of your performance.
The price is $650!
(Travel and lodging are not included.)
5 x one hour Skype or phone sessions
5 x email review of assignments
One hour in town session
Saturday class before Sunday Showcase
Sunday showcase
DVD of show
All for $650!
Contact Cary Odes for arrangements.

goofy-groupWhy this is the class.

There are a LOT of classes to choose from, and you deserve the best.

What you get here is the real deal.  Enough structure to show you exactly how to craft an idea to perfection, but enough insight and flexibility to allow you to become the unique talent you are.  You’ll be in a solidly safe environment, but you’ll hear the truth, so that when you hit the stage, you’ll be more than ready.  Contrary to what others might say…
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teacher 2 smallWhy this is the teacher.

Cary Odes has been a standup for over 35 years.  He’s still hitting the stages, and taking the same risks you do.

He’s taught over 1000 students for over a dozen years. He is dedicated to finding the unique comic spark in each student and making sure they get the experience of a lifetime.  You’ll never believe this quirky fact…
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mike why now copyWhy now is the time.

You’ve made it to this website because there’s a spark of desire and curiosity. We take that spark very seriously, and help you nurture it all the way to the stage.

There may never be a perfect time, so we work with you to make THIS time work.

If you’re not sure, come to Week One and audit.  *  You’ll be amazed what you can learn.  Be inspired. Get your jokes out of your notebook and get onstage where you belong.